Autism Assessment

An Autistic Spectrum Disorder is a Neurodevelopmental condition where an individual may experience difficulties in understanding and managing interactions with others and struggle with how they perceive the world.  It is a lifelong condition and affects everyone differently.

At Enhancing Futures, we can provide a comprehensive diagnostic assessment in which to gauge whether Autism may be a diagnosis to explain your difficulties or not, and provide you with a report to evidence the outcome.  There is no age limit to our assessments and we are happy to welcome children and adults who may be curious as to an explanation for how they may feel.

The assessment is completed by our resident clinicians, Dr Claire Leonard, Chartered Clinical Psychologist and Ms Charlotte Tipping, Registered Learning Disability Nurse who are both qualified in various gold-standard Autism assessment measures as recommended by the National Institute of Clinical Excellence (NICE).

Prices for our comprehensive Autism Assessment start from £1,950.

Please contact us if you would like an information pack that explains our assessment process in more detail.

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